What content should not be distributed to TikTok? 0 0

There are a number of restrictions on the types of content that can be distributed to TikTok, the following are not allowed:

  1. Public domain content or audio files that contain public domain content.
  2. Content that contains very generic and common sounds. For example, audience applause,
    white noise, or simple drum loops.
  3. Content that contains non-exclusive beats or sounds. For example, songs that contain
    drum loops or samples that are contained in sample packs.
  4. Content that you licensed from another party on a non-exclusive basis. For example,
    content that was licensed for soundtracks or compilations, or that you licensed from a
    production music catalog.
  5. "Soundalikes" or karaoke versions of songs.
  6. Classical music content.
  7. Live versions of songs that sound very similar to the recorded version of that same song.
  8. Derivative versions of recordings owned by other parties. For example, remixes of songs
    for which you do not own the original version.
  9. Re-recorded masters, re-mastered tracks, or remixed tracks of songs where you do not
    own the original recording.
  10. Any audio where you do not have the right to claim videos generated by other users that use 100% of the audio that was delivered, that is, you must have full control over the content.

Generally speaking, only songs that are sonically distinct from any audio that you do not own and to which you have exclusive third-party distribution rights are eligible.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone