What is (QC) Quality Control? 3 0

In order to make sure the audio and image content uploaded into our platform perfectly fits the stores' requirements and eliminate any risks of content rejection due to formatting issues, we implement a sophisticated Quality Control (aka 'QC') process on the platform.

All content submitted is thoroughly analyzed by our automated tool and any error of conformity is logged and returned by the system.

In addition to the automated QC control, the content team is manually checking all "suspicious" content to detect any copyright infringement or potential issues with content ownership.

All content that exceeds 1 month on QC, without the corresponding revision from the content provider (artist, label, content provider), will be erased from the Quality Control process queue.

The same content can be delivered again, and if so, it would go through the QC once again.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone