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We know how important it is for you to receive your revenue quickly and securely, which is why Omziki has partnered with Flutterwave, Paypal and Payoneer to ensure that your payments are in safe hands. Payoneer is a leading international payment company whose clients include Uber and Airbnb and is known for its fast, secure, reliable, and flexible access to the money you make from your music. Flutterwave on the other hand, is a payments technology company that enables businesses across the world to expand operations in Africa and other emerging markets through a platform that enables cross-border transactions and the interesting part is Flutterwave supports payment via Mobile Money through networks like MTN, TIGO, AIRTEL, and VODAFONE. Mobile Money as a payment method is only available when your currency is set to your local supported currency.

How can I withdraw my money?

With Omziki, you can withdraw your money via PayPal, Mobile Money or Bank Wire Transfer and Payoneer, load your preferred SET UP PAYOUT and get start receiving your earned royalties.

To access your money through Payoneer, you must first set up your Payoneer account. You can do this once you have accrued a balance from your distributions or publishing agreement:

  1. Log into your Omziki Dashboard
  2. Under the "SET UP PAYOUT" tab at the bottom of the screen, click and setup your withdraw option.
  3. Next, you’ll visit "Sales" tab, click "Balance".
  4. Once you have completed your signup, you will be able to request your withdrawal under the sales balance page.

We do our best to review all withdrawal requests within 5 business days. In most cases, your Payoneer account will be ready to manage your withdrawals within a few hours - in some cases, however, it may take a little longer for Payoneer to approve your application.  

How long will it take for my funds to appear in my Payout account?

Omziki manually reviews all withdrawal requests as a matter of security. This means it may take up to 5-7 business days to approve your request - in some cases, however, it may take a little longer. Once your withdrawal has been approved, it should appear in your withdrawal option on account almost instantly. 

This means that if you submit your withdrawal request on a Monday, it should be approved by the end of the day on Friday. If you submit it on Thursday, it will be approved by the end of the day the following Wednesday.

Withdraw Fees

For payout methods or minimum withdrawals that vary by withdraw method, this helps determine exactly how much it will cost to transfer your revenue.

Payout Method


Minimum Withdrawal


$0.25 USD per Transaction 

2%, up to $20 USD

$20 USD

     Bank Transfer

$1, $3, $5, $15 varies by Country


     Paper Check

$15 USD per Transaction

$100 USD

     Mobile Money

$1 per Transaction

$20 USD


  1. For transactions involving currency exchange, the exchange rate of the transaction is based on wholesale currency market rates obtained at the time of transaction from a range of financial institutions and includes the conversion fee where indicated.
  2. Omziki payment services are provided in partnership with various financial institutions, please see your Payout method account terms and conditions for further details.
  3. Amount to deposit may be subject to fees charged by banks or third-party providers. By clicking Withdraw, you confirm the withdrawal details innitiated.

Still have questions about your withdrawal? No problem! Contact our artist support team.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone