In the following article, we explain all the details of Omziki’s SoundExchange integration

What types of royalties can I collect with Omziki’s SoundExchange integration?

In phase 1 of our SoundExchange channel integration, Omziki is offering to its clients representing rights owners of sound recordings (or being rights owners themselves) the option to register their catalogue and collect the corresponding performance royalties.

How does the process work?

In order to register sound recordings and collect neighbouring rights on your behalf (artists owning their masters, record labels), you have to sign the rights management mandate to Omziki.

The label is not a SoundExchange member yet:

  • You shall complete and sign a mandate allowing Omziki to register sound recordings and collect neighbouring rights on your behalf. The template is available here (can be found attached to this article).
  • Any user can request a SoundExchange label permission through its account from the tab “Labels”.
  • For getting the label approved, you shall send to a copy of the signed neighbouring rights management mandate (in pdf). A template of this mandate is attached to the article, you are invited to download it and use it for obtaining authorization.
  • Our Support team will then make sure the document is signed and completed properly and approve the label for the SoundExchange channel.

The label is already a SoundExchange member:

In case an artist (owning its masters) or label is already a member of SoundExchange but wants to use Omziki platform for sound recordings registration and neighbouring rights collection, they shall contact adding in Cc contact email.