Why has my video been hidden/muted/blocked in Facebook Rights Manager? 0 0

Due to the channel's own internal policies, FBRM will automatically block and hide videos composed of a still image plus a song, or what could also be called an art track. However, users and/or pages are allowed to feature music distributed to Facebook Rights Manager on the content they share on Facebook.

Important: Please, understand there is no other reason for this than Facebook's own internal policies to avoid art tracks on their service, even if the uploader is the artist itself. Therefore, there is nothing we can do from Omziki Distribution in order to prevent this from happening.


An artist has received a message from Facebook stating their video has been muted due to it containing copyrighted content

On the other hand, it is possible that an artist receives a message claiming that their video has been muted due to it containing copyrighted material. However, this does actually never take place. This is a standard Facebook message, sent every time the channel detects a content match, but our match policy is never to block, mute o take down a video. We have already informed Facebook that this message can lead to confusion, asking them to change it depending on the match situation.

That being said, if you find any video that has been muted on Facebook, please do not hesitate to send us the link and we will further investigate it.

If you need further guidance, please contact us

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