How long does it take for my music to go live in stores? 0 0

When creating your release, it’s always best to select a future release date to ensure your release goes live on all platforms at the same time. We always recommend fully uploading your release for distribution 3 to 4 weeks ahead of your target release date or pre-order start date.

If you are interested in submitting your release for playlist consideration, your release will need to be approved by Omziki and processed in the stores at least two weeks prior to your release date. 

To avoid any additional delays, please make sure your release meets the formatting requirements of our store partners.  

After submitting your release, it will go through our Content Review process. Omziki’s review process generally takes about 2 business days to review your release. Once your release has been approved, it will be sent to stores immediately. At that point, it will be each store's responsibility to make the release live. 

Approximate live times (once a release has been reviewed by the Omziki team): 

  • Spotify: 2-5 business days
  • iTunes/Apple Music: 1-2 business days
  • Amazon Music: 1-3 business days
  • Deezer: 3-4 business days
  • iHeartRadio: 1-2 weeks
  • TIDAL: 1-3 business days
  • TikTok: 5 business days
  • YouTube Music: 1-2 weeks


Other Stores


Less than 1 week

BOOM: 1 business day

JioSaavn: 1-3 business days

Joox: 5 business days

KKBox: 3-5 business days

NetEase: 3-5 business days

Shazam: 1-5 business days

1-2 weeks








Kuack Media Group






YouSee Music


2-3 weeks

Music Island



3-4+ weeks




Peloton Music


TouchTunes & PlayNetwork*

*Beatport, Hungama/Wynk, Pandora, and TouchTunes & PlayNetwork are all curated services, so there's no way to guarantee that your music goes live on these platforms.

Note: 1 week is 5 business days

Remember, these time frames are approximate. We can never guarantee the exact time your music will go live in these stores. Omziki has no control over the internal review processes conducted by stores and cannot expedite your release. 

Some important factors to remember about live time:

  • If you have a required release date, we strongly recommend that you distribute your music more than 3 weeks prior to that date.
  • Omziki does not send notifications when your music goes live. Your release will go live automatically as soon as it’s processed in the stores (if you do not have a future release date set). 
  • Omziki does not provide links to your release. To see if your music is live in other stores, search for your release in each store using the release title and artist name.
  • iTunes & Apple Music have a strict processing time of 5 business days (after your release has been approved by our team, not from your submission date). 
  • If your release has not gone live after the listed processing time, please contact us. Be sure to write in from the email address registered to your Omziki account and include your UPC and the stores where your release is not live. We will then investigate to find out the exact issue so we can get your music live as fast as possible.
  • Amazon Music & 7digital will make preview clips of your release(s) available before your digital sales start date, as soon as 3-7 business days after distribution for Amazon Music and 7-10 days for 7digital. The release won't be available to buy until your release date, but if you're uncomfortable with your release being available for preview before that date, please do not select Amazon Music or 7digital as a store for distribution until after or right before your release date.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone