Pandora's pitching is done through Pandora AMP (Artist Marketing Platform), a platform designed not only for providers but also for artists, in which they are able to use several promo tools, consult insights and manage their content and artist profiles.

Among these tools, there is an Artist Submission one, which provides independent artists a path to make their music available to Pandora’s listeners. All submissions need to be distributed to Pandora first via a digital aggregator (i.e. Omziki Distribution) so that they can be available to all listeners on both Pandora’s Radio and Premium services. Submissions made through this tool are reviewed by Pandora’s curation team for analysis and – once approved – will be available for streaming on Pandora. These releases can also be considered for inclusion in Pandora’s official programs.

To start a new submission, simply log into your AMP account (or sign up for AMP if you don’t have one yet). To sign-up for an AMP account:

  1. Create a Pandora listener account.

  2. Log into AMP using the same credentials as your Pandora listener account.

Once you have logged into your AMP account, you can access Independent Artist Submissions by navigating to or by selecting “Submissions” from the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of your AMP profile.

Please note that Independent Artist Submissions is available to all AMP users, so you do not need to claim your artist profile or have a verified AMP artist account in order to use the tool.

On the other hand, please take into account that prior to submitting your release through Independent Artist Submissions, users must be sure that:

  1. Pandora was selected when the release was distributed

  2. U.S. streaming rights were granted to Pandora

  3. The release is not a pre-release

Lastly, keep in mind that you will only be able to submit one release (album, EP, or single) at a time through the tool. To send in multiple releases, you must make a separate submission for each release.