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When you distribute to SoundCloud, upon receiving the content, the channel automatically generates a new topic profile in which it places it. This may lead to having two artist profiles for the same artist if there was already one.

Merging profiles

Pro Unlimited users

Why has the artist received a claim from Omziki DIstribution?

How can I avoid these claims?

The music I distributed is not playable in my country


Merging profiles

If you already have your own profile on Soundcloud, we can ask the channel to join both profiles in one, the one you already have and the one automatically generated by the channel. In order to do this we need you to send us the following information to HERE

  • The link of both profiles (the one managed by you and the one created automatically by the channel).

Once both profiles are synchronized, you will only have one that you can directly manage yourself. This is a good practice that will enhance the fan experience, allowing them to enjoy all the artist catalogues in the same place.

Also, once both profiles are merged, the new artist ID can be added to the platform to avoid mapping issues in future releases.


Pro Unlimited users

Soundcloud’s premier program is intended for purely independent artists who retain 100% of their rights-- not for signed artists, or artists/labels with a current distribution dealContent that is distributed by another party is not eligible for monetization through our Premier program.

So, if an artist is also a Pro Unlimited user in Soundcloud, in order to avoid copyright issues/blocks, we'd recommend advising the artist to monetize content via Omziki Distribution. If the artist is planning to monetize via their premium program, they shall not distribute to either Soundcloud via the supply chain.

Whitelisting is not effective for these cases.


Why has the artist received a claim from Omziki Distribution?

Soundcloud uses Audible Magic as a fingerprint service to scan for copyright issues. Thus, the following reasons can lead to a claim notification:

  1. The end user uploads to their own personal profile the same content that has been distributed through your platform.
  2. The content has been distributed to Audible Magic.

Regarding why is the claim sent under Omziki Distribution's name, even if we offer a white label solution, the contract with the DSP is under Omziki Distribution's name.


How can I avoid these claims?

In order to avoid receiving these claims you can apply one of the following actions:

  1. Inform the end user that there's no need to upload the same content that has been already distributed through your platform since the channel automatically generates a new topic profile in which it places its content.
  2. Request the profile unification as we inform in this article.
  3. Avoid the distribution to Audible Magic. However, this option is not recommended since you will lose the fingerprinting service on other DSPs.
  4. Whitelist the profile. This option will just be available if the profile belongs to a label, or is somehow related to the promotion of a release (music magazine, others..). Contact us HERE providing the profile and our team will manage it.

The music I distributed to SoundCloud is not playable in my country

Supply chain tracks are not playable from non-launched territories. Soundcloud is not yet launched in all countries, which is why supply chain content would not be available in some territories. SoundCloud is currently launched in the following territories: AS, AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GG, GP, GU, IE, IM, IT, JE, MP, MQ, NL, NO, NZ, PR, PT, RE, SE, US, VI.

Unfortunately, for other territories, it would be necessary to upload the track manually. 

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone