Soundcloud monetisation for manual-created profiles or tracks 0 0

In order to correctly monetise the supply chain tracks can only live on artists' profiles, but Soundcloud also offers the possibility to turn on monetisation on manually uploaded tracks or profiles.

To enable this option the manually created profiles (a label profile for example) must be linked to Sonosuite's "rightsholder network". If this is the case, you must add the manually created profile to the “rightsholder network" through this form: Merlin Member SoundCloud Monetization Form. The form is actioned by the channel each business day.

Once a profile is linked to Omziki Distribution’s network, the user will be able to monetize the tracks delivered by the supply chain and also manually uploaded them on the linked profile using the "Monetization" tab displayed on each track.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone