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Traxsource was born at the start of the digital revolution. We are the result of our experiences as an Independent label navigating the disruption caused by the internet. To this day we retain our original ethos which was built upon the reputation of that label, Soulfuric Recordings. We are literally DJs who built one of the first online music stores for our friends who were also DJs, resulting in a download site with the heart of an independent label.


Since our birth in October 2004, Traxsource has secured a place in the hearts and minds of DJs around the world. We are ambassadors for the true underground movement that is House Music, driven by our unique and authentic musical point of view. Our mission has always been to provide a home for creative artists and labels to flourish, because their story is our story, and this synergy is the lifeforce of our store. We stand by the artists and labels we serve because we genuinely understand what it takes to survive in today’s industry.


⚠️ In order to distribute Traxsource, you require your own contract with the channel as Omziki Distribution does not have its own contract at the moment.



** The time is base on America/New_York timezone