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YouTube Music is YouTube's music streaming platform, which Omziki Distribution distributes to channels as well. Here we will try to clarify some of the most frequent doubts about YouTube Music.

  1. When you distribute a release to YouTube Music, you will also see that it appears on YouTube as an "Art-track". YouTube Music publishes all the content distributed its channel in Art-track format. This means that for every single, EP or album distributed to this channel, the channel will publish it as an 'auto-generated' video using the Cover Art of the release.
  2. By default, YouTube Music will send the release to one of these three channels: 
    • "Various Artists - Topic" (Ie. Various Artists 1Various Artists 2)
    • "[Artist Name] - Topic": This channel is created automatically by YouTube. All auto-generated videos from one artist are stored here. 
    • Your personal channel: YouTube will prioritize the synchronization of auto-generated videos in your channel. 



In case a release hasn't been properly linked to its Artist's channel,  a request can be forwarded to YouTube on this link.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone