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Youtube Licensing

SonoSuite's Youtube Content ID Claims

Why have I received a claim from SonoSuite?


Youtube Licensing

When a release is distributed to YouTube ContentID, the channel creates automatically the Licensing information of each content, following this structure:

[Record Label]

This is the structure and information decided by YouTube and it is kept this way per channel decision. As YouTube informs, the Label has to be shown as the owner of the content by law.

  • If the client has their Own Contract with YouTube ContentID, the [Record Label] will be shown as the owner of the content anyways.

SonoSuite's Youtube Content ID Claims

Why have I received a claim from SonoSuite?

YouTube Content ID claims will be sent under SonoSuite's name.

Please take into account that SonoSuite is not trying to claim your work and, in most cases, will not be removing your videoSonoSuite is the technology that Omziki use to distribute content and manage catalogs and plays/downloads.

If you receive a Youtube notification or claim on behalf of SonoSuite, you must know that it is because the audio of your video matches the content distributed through Omziki/SonoSuite Content ID. Please, understand this claim benefits the artist or owner of the rights distributing with Omziki/SonoSuite Content ID, as any user-generated content (UGC) is automatically claimed without the artist being a YouTube partner, which requires harder prerequisites. 

If you work with a specific channel from an affiliated company and you do not want them to receive this claim, or if you want to monetize your content from a channel other than the artist topic channel, you can contact Omziki Support providing the link of the channel and requesting to put it on a whitelist.

However, artists often find themselves receiving these claims on their own channels. For these cases, the best option is to request an Official Artist Channel. Please find more information about it in this article.

On the other hand, YouTube also allows the configuration of other policies, such as blocking the content or blocking the content in certain territories (please contact us if you are interested in this option).

For more information don't hesitate to contact us at

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone