Any activity contrary to the law, the DSPs, and/or Omziki's policies, related to the content present or distributed via Omziki can be considered fraud. Omziki has developed and implemented an internal Anti-fraud Policy for you and your End-users which is aligned with DSPs and Industry requirements.


The following activities would be categorized as Fraud: 

  • The unauthorized exploitation of any material that is protected by Copyright.
  • The use of misleading or fake information (such as artist, band or label names, or artwork which may create confusion or false expectations about the distributed content).
  • The use of any kind of means to generate “clicks” on payment-generating links pretending to be actual consumers. The use of manual or automated resources, bots, or any other means with the intention to stream and monetize any content in streaming DSPs or Fingerprinting Systems (such as YouTube Content ID, Facebook Rights Manager, Soundcloud). You can find further information about artificial streaming here.

Fraud relates to any unfair activity that harms a third party (artist, composer, or producer), as well as a DSP, or even Omziki. Since our responsibility and goal is to allow clients to distribute their content successfully and receive royalties, it is important to make sure that DSPs requirements are met to avoid further issues with the distribution and publication process.


Here you can review our Anti-fraud Policy