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  • Mastering. In order to ensure good audio quality, and meet the standards of today's music industry, all audio files, must have undergone professional mastering before their distribution.
  • Audio quality. The audio files should not have any sound imperfections. Audio files containing any background noise and other sound imperfections will not be accepted for distribution. Silence, cuts, pauses, or extended silences are not allowed. The audio cannot have more than 10 seconds of silence neither at the beginning nor at the end of the track. Other kinds of silences, such as cuts, long pauses, or sudden endings, should be avoided too as they can be misunderstood as audio errors.
  • Audio typeFormatRequirements
    AudioflacMinimum of 16 bit, 44.1 Khz, stereo. Recommended 24 bits, 48Khz or 24 bits 96Khz.
    AudiowavMinimum of 16 bit, 44.1 Khz, stereo. Recommended 24 bits, 48Khz or 24 bits 96Khz.
      • Hidden tracks and ghost tracks. This content must be included separately in digital releases, indicating the corresponding expression in the version field. The silence rules apply equally to this kind of audio.
      • Silent tracks and white noise tracks. This kind of audio is not allowed. Its use will be interpreted as fraudulent, leading to the application of our Anti-Fraud Policy.
    • Audios and titles. Audio files and track titles must always match. Audios uploaded to non-corresponding tracks are not accepted.
    • Minimum length. If it is a single, a song has to last more than 30 seconds, otherwise, the channels can interpret the release as click fraud. If it is part of an EP or album it can be permitted as long as it has coherence with the whole release or if the song is an intro, interlude, or outro. Generally speaking, unless it is artistically justified, we recommend audio longer than a minute.
    • Previews, commercials, snippets and trailers. None of these formats are permitted.


    ⚠ If you want to distribute Dobly Atmos or TIDAL MQA to Apple Music and/or Tidal, SonoSuite can do it for you. Find all the information you need in the Enhanced audio distribution article.

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