When Will I Receive My Music Sales Reports? 0 0

Generally, stores report an entire month’s sales to Omziki on a two-month delay. So, if a sale of your music occurred in January, you would receive the money and sales reports in March.  Stores have the entire month to provide us with sales reports.

To see your sales reports:

  1. Login to your Omziki account
  2. Click "Sales" in the menu bar at the top of the page
  3. Then click "Balance"

Omziki posts your sales reports and money directly into your Omziki account every 1st of each month for all stores that posted that month, as long as we’ve received reports. We do not send you notifications when sales are posted to your account. Please check your account starting two months after your music has become available in stores. Your sales will appear in your Omziki balance once they are posted. 

If there's no sales activity on your release for a particular month in any store, you will not receive a sales report for that month.  If music sales take place in the last few days of a month, stores may carry those sales over to the next month’s reporting statement.

We cannot report sales to accounts until the stores have sent us the entire period's sales reporting for all accounts. If there is a delay in a store reporting sales to us, there will be a delay in posting sales to accounts for that store.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone