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To get a NEW Omziki UPC

These are the different codes used to identify your music.

What is a UPC or EAN code?

What is an ISRC code?

How to assign UPC and ISRC codes to a release

What is a UPC or EAN code?

A UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (International Article Number) is a unique code used to identify a release.

What is an ISRC code?

ISRC, the International Standard Recording Code, is the internationally recognized identification tool for sound and music video recordings.

How to assign UPC and ISRC codes to a release

There are two ways of assigning a code in the platform:

  1. Automatically
  2. Manually


To assign automatic codes users have to select the following fields:

  • Tab 1. “Release info” for UPC code:


  • Track edition for ISRC code:


In this case, UPC and ISRC codes are assigned during the distribution process (after the release approval).


To assign manual codes users have to fill in the following fields:

  • “Release UPC code*” (in tab 1. Release info)
  • “ISRC Code*” (inside the track edition)

This can be done by record labels or artists that own legitimately registered UPC and ISRC codes.

Note that UPC and ISRC codes cannot be modified once they have been assigned or confirmed (after the distribution of the release). You can find more information about allowed updates here. 

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone