Spotify: Release assigned to a wrong profile 0 0

Here we explain how to proceed if a release has been assigned to the wrong profile, there are two possible cases:

It is common that, when an artist releases to Spotify, the channel assigns the music to another existing profile. This issue tends to happen with Artist Profiles with identical or similar names, as Spotify creates and organises them automatically.

My release has been assigned to a wrong profile

If you have an artist page in Spotify, then submit an update after introducing your Artist ID in the platform.

  1. Get your Spotify Artist ID.
  2. Introduce the Artist ID in your artist profile.
  3. Update the release so that the data reaches the channel.

If you still do not have an artist page in Spotify, use this form to create a profile. So that you can add your Artist ID to the platform afterwards.

I need to remove a wrong release from my profile

If you are verified in Spotify for Artists, then log in and use this form to request the modifications.

If you are not verified yet, then please verify yourself.

Remember to check if this issue has been going on only on Spotify or also in other platforms, above all if this is the artist’s first release. Here you can find all the information about how to update the artist’s profiles in all channels.

If your case does not match any of the previous requests, please write to

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone