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In order to meet the requirements of certain Digital Service Providers (DSPs), it is essential to include some specific artist roles at the track level when submitting your music for distribution.

Mandatory Roles

Why is it important to add artist roles?


Mandatory Roles

These roles provide important information to the DSPs and ensure accurate crediting of the individuals involved in the creation of a song:

  1. Primary Artist. The Primary Artist role represents the main performer or group associated with a particular track. It is typically the artist or band whose name is prominently featured and recognized by listeners. It is mandatory to configure at least one primary artist. 

  2. Composer. The Composer role identifies the individual(s) responsible for creating the musical composition of a track. 

  3. Lyricist. The Lyricist role refers to the person(s) responsible for writing the lyrics of a song. 

⚠️When a release includes more than three other Primary Artists, the Primary Artist at the album level should be marked as "Various Artists".

⚠️The roles 'featuring', 'performer' and 'primary artist' are considered as primary artists by the channels.


Why is it important to add artist roles?

Properly crediting the Primary Artist, Composer, and Lyricist ensures that each individual receives due recognition for their work. This helps establish a transparent and fair system for artists to be acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.

On the other hand, accurate artist role credits enhance the discoverability of your music. Listeners searching for a specific composer or lyricist can easily find your tracks if the roles are correctly attributed. This expands your music's reach and can lead to increased exposure and opportunities.

We kindly ask you to take the time to provide accurate and complete artist role information to comply with DSP requirements and optimize the visibility and success of your music.

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