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BMAT focuses on activities around music monitoring services, including the tracking of any public communication of music.

By distributing to BMAT, contents can be identified across televisions, radios, venues, and digital services globally; and then reported and rewarded. 

Vericast — their audio recognition and music identification platform — uses audio fingerprinting technologies to service venues, digital and broadcast monitoring data for royalties distribution.

The company has grown to service more than 100 Collective Management Organizations and over 2 thousand Record labels and publishers. Their monitoring platform delivers 92 million identifications monthly and overviews 230 million digital transactions hourly.

As per DSP's guidelines, the following genres and content types are not allowed: production loops, sound effects, karaoke recordings, classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain, DJ sets or continuous mixes, prayer recordings.


** The time is base on America/New_York timezone