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In this article, you can find information about the different partnerships Deezer currently has.

DNA Finland

TELE2 Estonia & Lituania

T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Netherlands


Deezer announced new steps in their partnerships with DNA in Finland, Tele2 in Estonia and Lithuania, and T-Mobile in Austria and Netherlands. Your catalog will be added to these deals automatically. Please note that the telco paybacks are a minimum guaranteed royalty basis, and are indexed on the GDP per capita in each country.


DNA Finland

  • Context: on the background of a successfully integrated billing distribution with DNA in Finland (10K subscribers in August 2015), Deezer is launching new offers to strengthen new subs recruitment. The distribution of these offers, with automatic conversion to standalone, is supported by a large ATL+BTL marketing plan.

  • TERRITORY: Finland

  • TERM: One year starting in January 2016, with automatic renewals

  • SELL-OFF: 6 months

  • OFFERS: Deezer Premium+ distributed as a three or six months extended trial and an integrated billing distribution. At the end of the trial, the customer shall be converted into a standalone unless he opts out. Deezer Premium+ Extended trial payback: EUR 3,00 (VAT excl.) per subscriber per month


TELE2 Estonia & Lituania

  • Context: Deezer Premium+ is currently hard bundled to Tele2 tariff plans in EE and LT. However, the cost of this hard bundle prevents Tele2 to enlarge the distribution of the service, which is currently limited to high-priced tariff plans (high ARPU). Deezer is willing to align the terms of this partnership with the terms agreed with Bité in Latvia (same ARPU as EE & LT), to allow Tele2 to reach a wider target. As a reminder: partnerships in Estonia and Latvia launched at the same time, and there are now ten times more hard bundle subscribers in Latvia than in Estonia :

  • TERRITORY: Estonia and Lithuania

  • TERM & SELL-OFF: As per our agreement

  • OFFERS: As per our agreement


T-Mobile Austria

  • Context: The existing deal with T-Mobile in Austria is now in sell-off. Deezer is willing to reshape this partnership with a new Soft Bundle. The conditions on Standalone stay as existing. 

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