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Facebook Rights Manager helps you protect your copyrighted content at scale on Facebook and Instagram by detecting audio and video content matching yours. It uses the reference files you upload to identify potential matches and apply the rules and conditions you've set.

Rights Manager works by detecting matching audio and video content based on rules and conditions you set. You upload reference files and indicate whether you own the rights to the video, audio or both video and audio. Rights Manager finds matches and applies the rules and conditions you set.

Rights Manager isn’t the only way to monitor and protect content on Facebook. Rights Manager allows rights owners to manage content from one place at scale but you can also manage intellectual property without Rights Manager.

Only Facebook Pages are eligible and you must be a Page admin or editor to use Rights Manager. You can access Rights Manager from Creator Studio.

Page admins and editors can use Rights Manager to:

  • Establish content ownership by uploading reference files.
  • Create match rules and decide what automatic actions happen when people upload matching content.
  • Authorize certain people or Pages or Instagram accounts to have permission to post videos matching your content.
  • Review matched videos that may contain content you own.
  • It's important that you don't claim rights to the content you don't own. You need to exclude segments of content in your reference files that you don't have exclusive rights to use.

You can upload reference files even if the video is not posted publicly on Facebook. Your videos can be uploaded to your reference library without being posted to your Page.

Rights Manager isn’t retroactive. It may not detect videos that were posted before reference files are uploaded. You should update reference files regularly as you produce and distribute new content.



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