This article explains how to get the Apple Artist ID providing an example.

I need an example!

Can we use this code in the platform?


The Apple Artist ID is automatically assigned to each artist created in the iTunes Store.

Once the works of an artist are available, the artist ID can be obtained via Apple's artist page. To obtain the artist ID follow these steps:

  1. Search any album of the artist on iTunes or directly the artist name.
  2. Click on the artist's link and go to their artist profile.
  3. Click on "Share artist" and get the URL. The ID number corresponds to the code you can find in between the "artist/" and the "?" symbol.

Note: Please, ensure that the URL is the artist page, not the album page.


I need an example!

Here we go, this is the artist page in iTunes Store for Edvard Grieg:


By clicking on the ellipses (corner down right), you'll get to "Share artist > Copy link" where you'll be given their URL. In this case:

The ID code is the number located after the artist's name, and it is only a numeral. Therefore, this artist's Apple ID would be 367742.


Can we use this code in the platform?

Artists can now enter their Apple IDs in Omziki Distribution:


Entering the Artist ID in the designated field ensures that each album, single, EP or ringtone is automatically assigned to the correct artist profile. You can find more information regarding this section here.