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In order to avoid possible errors concerning profile assignment, we recommend all End Users to fill the credentials found in their artist profiles, for their SoundCloud profile, Apple Artist ID, and the Spotify artist ID, in the "Catalog / Artists" tab. 

SoundCloud profile

Apple Artist ID

Spotify Artist ID




Important: this functionality only works with existing profiles, it is not necessary when the end-users need to create a new Artist ID.


How to add the SoundCloud profile?

End-users can link their SoundCloud profile to the platform by only copying their profile URL:


How to get the Apple Artist ID?

End-users can get the Apple Artist ID from the link to their profile. It corresponds to the numbers that follow the artist's name, at the end of the link:

You can find more information here.


How to obtain a Spotify Artist ID?

There are several ways for users to get an existing Spotify Artist ID:

Desktop App

  1. Navigate to the Artist page in the Spotify desktop app.

  2. Click the "..." icon below the Artist's name.

  3. Click Share > Copy Spotify URI.

  4. Paste the Spotify URI in this field, and delete “spotify:artist:”.

Alternative to Desktop App

It is also possible to obtain the Artist ID if using the web app:

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