Supernatural 2 0

 Supernatural is an immersive digital fitness service that launched in April 2020 and enables end users to access on-demand virtual/augmented/mixed reality (“XR”) workouts via compatible headsets on a subscription basis. It is Merlin's second partnership in the fitness space and one of their first partnerships in the XR world.

The workouts are hosted by different fitness instructors, who choose the music included in the workout. Supernatural intends to make workouts available for different music genres (e.g., hip hop, dance, rock), and end users will be able to see track information and “like” tracks, which may influence the workouts subsequently made available to that end user.

The service includes access to a companion app (available for download on smartphones) that enables end users to access complimentary features such as connecting with friends and followers, tracking workout history and health statistics, and following athletes, celebrities, and influencers.


** The time is base on America/New_York timezone