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There are some DSPs that require a "Label Authorization" prior to the delivery and publication of the content. In such cases, any content needs the label to get approved for each DSP requiring permissions in order to be able to distribute to that particular DSP.

When a User requests to deliver to these DSPs and the label has not been authorized yet, the platform will show a warning.


Request Label Authorization


Request Label Authorization

  • Per each DSP requiring label authorization, the Admin can see the full list of labels that requested it and the status of the request from Distribution > Channels - select the DSP > Labels Authorized.
  • Each label page (on Catalog > Labels) has a tab "Permissions". From there, the End User can request authorization for its Label to distribute to those DSPs indicated that require a pre-approval.
  • By clicking on "Request permission", it will trigger a notification to Support Ticket. 

Depending on the DSP requiring approval, the process, as well as DSP requirements, can change and so Omziki involvement (for more detailed information please check each channel-specific Label Approval Process).

For any other queries, contact Support Ticket.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone