In this article, you'll find all the details related to our YouTube Content ID Label Approval process; the entire procedure, the label requirements and also the terms for validation.



Label Requirements

Term for Validation



Due to the User Generated Content nature of the YouTube service and Omziki's effort together with the DSP to fight copyright infringements and abusive usage, the distribution to Content ID will be subject to a label approval process from November 18th.

As the Label Approval varies depending on each DSP's requirements, here below we detail how the Label Approval Process works.

The Content-ID Label Approval process is similar to any other content validation managed by the Omziki Quality Control team, which will check that the label meets the necessary set of requirements to be able to distribute to the channel. These criteria have been defined following YouTube Content ID guidelines.



Once the Artist Support Team receives the Label Approval request notification:

  1. The Artist/User sends a request to the Omziki Anti Fraud team using the YouTube Content ID Label Approval form (English).
  2. The form is reviewed by the Omziki Anti Fraud team for validation. If the form is complete and the minimum required criteria are met, the Label will be approved within 5 business days.
  3. You can check the result from the "Permissions" tab of the label's profile.

Label requirements

The form requests the following information:


Further information


Label Name

Public / Default labels aren't eligible for the ContentID label approval


Label link on Omziki platform

Find the information on Catalog > Labels (click on the label and copy the link)

Brief catalogue description and artists’ roster/list

This information should be available on the Label tab on the Omziki platform. 

Share a description. Any information that can support and explain the plan and trajectory of a label will be useful. Moreover, mention Artists that are/are going to be represented.

Official video content available on YouTube (links)

Artists represented by the label should already have their own content available on YouTube (video clips, live performances, etc.)

Share Links of official channels and videos - a minimum of 50% of the artists represented has to be indicated

Proven previous distribution to other DSPs

The label should already have distributed the content to other DSPs through Omziki

Links of Omziki platform of the content distributed required or from the main DSP (at least Spotify and Apple Music)

Verified profiles on digital stores and streaming services

A legitimate label should have profiles verified on the main stores, as well as of its artists

Links - a minimum of 50% of the artists represented has to be indicated

Social media presence

Social media presence with healthy organic behaviour

Label and Artists Social Media Links - a minimum of 50% of the artists represented has to be indicated

Label’s official website

If possible, the label should have an official website


Is this content going to be promoted online?

Some pitching services can lead to abusive behaviours/click fraud/artificial streaming.

Please share relevant information (like what is the pr company, the type of service, etc)


Since submission, it can take up to 5 business days to validate a label request. The review and validation are strictly related with:

Term for Validation

  • Consistency and entirety of the information shared via the form: the information has to be complete.
  • The user account has been fulfilled and verified and has no fraud issues.

It is highly recommended to fill in the form providing as much detailed information as possible. In case of incomplete or missing information in the form, the 5-days term for review is not guaranteed. Moreover, in the case of information not meeting the minimum requirements (ie. revenue lower than requested), the request will likely be rejected.


These measures are meant to smoothen the pre-distribution validation process to Youtube Content ID by pre-filtering the type and quality of content submitted by labels and users. Our objective is to get a better understanding of the labels and their catalogue and provide useful information that should help your company to ensure the distribution of a healthy catalogue and make way to a successful long-term collaboration with SonoSuite.


For any further queries or contact the Omziki team.